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Monday, January 24, 2005

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Learn to move my body

Tonight I went to the Pyrmont training. I came into the dojo putting my focus on using my shinai to break my opponent's centre. I have experimented the following ways to break my opponent's centre with minimal movement of my own shinai.
  • pressing my opponent's shinai at the shank, which opens my opponent's men target momentarily.
  • leaning my shinai against both sides of my opponent's shinai, forcing my opponent's to lose its centre.

Wrist - breaking the centre

When I played Itakura sensei tonight, he pointed out that I was using too much of my shoulder to move the shinai. I should use my wrist to repel my opponent's shinai, instead of using my shoulder and thus the whole arms. By using the wrist to apply pressure on my opponent's shinai, I can keep my shoulder relax and stable without compromising my upper body's posture.

Move the Body

The second thing that Itakura sensei pointed out tonight was that I was, once again, leaning forward when I executed a cut, leaving the rest of the body behind. Itakura sensei said I should aim to have a stable posture after executing a cut so that I can execute another cut if I wanted to. Don't be afraid of being cut. Once I learn the correct way to move my body during a cut, other techniques, such as nidan wasa should come together easily. I left the dojo tonight with one major goal - a correct posture when executing a cut. Time to move that body!!


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