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Saturday, June 04, 2005

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Wanted: Kendo Mood-swing Firewall

Every weekday, I always look forward to Saturday. Not only because it is weekend, but also because I like kendo training on Saturday morning. On Saturday, there is no need to catch the peak-hour train home from work, rush to eat dinner, pack the kendo gear, and then rush to wherever the training is on for that particular weeknight. I can feel much more relaxed and focused on kendo on Saturday.

Last night, I was really looking forward to today's kendo training. I could feel my adrenalin pumping through my body just with the thought of kendo training. I was telling myself to go to sleep early last night so that I wouldn't need to struggle to wake up the next morning.

I was still next to the computer at 1am. The reason? To get rid of the very annoying malware that has been annoying me for about two months. When I opened the Internet Explorer, an Aurora advertisement would pop-up. I tell you, it was so bloody annoying. I spent the whole night trying to clean out cache/temp files, run Spyware/Adware scans, antivirus scans, get Windows update, etc... I tried to complete as much as possible, but it was just too much to do for one night. So when my eyelids were half-shut, I told myself that it was really time to go to sleep. By that time, my adrenalin was running low. Argh, I have let the stupid intrusive browser pop-ups affect and control my kendo mood. Bloody unkind pop-ups!

Anyway, I eventually got rid of the Aurora pop-ups completely tonight. After running so many different type of scans, clean-ups and updates, my computer is now super clean and fresh. So I guess this annoying Aurora pop-ups have helped me in a way to make the effort to install and update all the scans and clean-up in my computer.

Btw, if you have any malware you want to get rid of, the Geeks To Go Forum is extremely helpful.

Okay, back to KENDO.

I dragged my adrenalin-flat body out of bed to this morning kendo training at Willoughby. After doing warm-up stretching, suburi, ashi-sabaki and without-bogu kihon-waza practice, I was one of four motodachi to hold the shinai for the 30+ others to practice kihon-men, kote and do cuts. Everything is normal, except I just couldn't help but smiled when this really cute 3 years old little Japanese kid trying to do the kihon waza. I don't know if he had any ideas why he was in the dojo besides the fact that his mum and his slightly older brother were there too. For some strange reason, this cute little Japanese kid reminds me of Totoro. Ah, he is SOOOOOOO CUTE!
In the waza session, I had Kirby as motodachi. Today's waza session was more stamina-intensive than waza-focused. We did kiri-kaeshi, kote-men, kihon-doh, uchikomi-geiko plus a set of kiri-kaeshi, and kakari-geiko plus a set of kiri-kaeshi. Then we were off to jigeiko session.

There was a new Japanese visitor at today's training. From what Jayson Chaplin told me, she is a 4th dan and plays really good kendo. I later found out that her name is Kana Amano. She will stay in Australia for one year. And yes, she will be able to play for Sydney Kendo Club in the Founders Cup. YAY!!!!

Kirby was so fast today. Not that he was not fast in the other days, but today, I felt totally overwhelmed. Kirby kept showering attacks after attacks on me, and all I could do was defence. I didn't have time to hold my kamae properly and Kirby would come for another cut. I was super slow compared to Kirby. The jigeiko ended with Kirby landed a men cut in ippon-shobu.

After catching my breath while lining up for Sano sensei, I think I did better in that jigeiko. I didn't have to worry too much about the frequency of being attacked. Sano sensei and I both worked in from chudan no kamae, applied seme to try an control the chusen and create openings for attack. I really enjoyed this type of kendo. I think eventually I will get to Kirby's speed when I become more proficient in seme and taking the chusen. But for now, I am happy to practice these slowly and experience the feeling of doing all these things correctly.

I could feel that Sano sensei was allowing me to practice on making attacking opportunities. For a while, I was sort of repeating the same attack again and again. Obviously repetition of the same thing won't get me a point. So I decided to try katsugi-waza. BAM!! It landed a good men cut on Sano sensei. And so the jigeiko ended.

Next, I played Cath. In this particular jigeiko, I was trying to practice lifting the shinai as close to the chusen as possible when going for men cut, and also aiming to do good one-step one-cut waza. In ippon-shobu, I scored a tobikomi-men on Cath to finish the jigeiko. One thing I still need to work on when I played Cath is that, I must protect myself after completing a cut. Cath is really good at followed-up attack.

After Cath was jigeiko with Kana Amano. Kana was very good at doing the fake-do, then men hiki-waza. She landed a couple of very beautiful ippons on me using that waza. Another of her favourites was debana-kote. We played for about 5mins and finished with ippon-shobu. I landed the second katsugi-men to take the final ippon.

With about 2 minutes till the end of the training session. Dino and I played for ippon-shobu. I scored a tobikomi-men in my very first cut. It was too quick to end so we basically carried on the jigeiko. I think we did about 3 more cuts and that was the end of the training session.

My goal for next Friday night - SLEEP EARLY!


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