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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Kote! Men! Do! =P

Today is Australia Day - a public holiday to celebrate everything Aussie. I did not think I would turn up to tonight's Willoughby training session until I wrote my last blog. I was eager to try the new things Master Kim taught me last night, especially to practice moving my body, my hip forward in every cut.

There were less people training in Willoughby tonight but still more than what I expected. The first 30-minute session was devoted to kata. I then led the suburi warm-up. Doug Stouffers then led the advance class and practice basic kihon techniques, followed by a more advanced technique, men-kaeshi-do. I had trouble with my distance when executing the do cut. I was too close to my opponent to execute a correct do cut. I was suspecting that my men block movement must have been too large and therefore it left too little time for me to swing the shinai to cut the do. I need to experiment more during the next training session to find out how to improve my men-kaeshi-do cut.

I played several jigeiko tonight, amongst them the jigeiko with Taek Yang and Jayson Chaplin. It was always good to play jigeiko with Taek. His technique was textbook perfect. His posture was always straight, someone that I could learn from. Taek launched a men cut just second after the jigeiko started. I had to admit that I wasn't tune in to the fight when he launched the first cut. I must make sure that I must focus 100% to my opponent every time I rise from sonkyu. My last fight of the night was against Jayson. Jayson was famous for his strong and snappy men cut. I tried to break his centre by applying pressure on his shinai. However, it turned out that at the very moment I applied pressure on Jayson's shinai, he probably took advantage of my shinai downward movement and launched a perfect men cut on me. I guessed I hadn't break his centre at all. Next time I must try another seme techniques to break Jayson's centre and create opportunity to cut. Ah, Jayson, he is tough to play against.

I was determined to move my body and my hip at every cut tonight. I think I was doing fairly well until the last 10 minutes, when my body was exhausted. Now thinking about it, maybe I should practice counter-attack techniques and concentrate on applying seme when I am tired, so that I won't revert back to my bad old leaning posture when lauching a forward men cut.

Points to focus on next training session: Move the body in, break opponent's centre.


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