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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Kendo vs Naginata

Strenger Sensei led the kendo class tonight. We also had Jo Mansell, Andrew Whitehead and Hamza Jorgensen practicing naginata and jodo in the other half of the hall.

After the stretching and suburi session, Strenger Sensei taught us a training routine developed by Takeuchi Sensei which is now used quite extensively in Japan to introduce kendoka to the concept of kata. Without bogu on, we practiced men, kote, do, tsuki and kote-men with a partner. Through this simple set of kata, we practiced seme, distance and correct cutting and receiving movements.

The class was then splitted into those in bogu (led by Strenger Sensei) and those without bogu (led by Doug). We practiced some more kihon waza before going to jigeiko.

The highlight of tonight got to be the jigeiko against naginata. Hamza Jorgensen from the naginata class came over to join the kendo class during the jigeiko session. It was such a fresh feeling to play against something so different. The length of naginata was much longer than the shinai so it was difficult for me to move deep into the attacking zone. Hamza was able to execute men, tsuki and kote cuts from far away, while I tried hard to get pass his naginata and go for the cut. It was very difficult to execute any shikake waza on Hamza, but I found oji waza to be quite effective, so I waited for Hamza to commit into a cut and then countered attack, mostly with kaeshi waza. The jigeiko was pretty short and lasted only about 3 minutes, but I had such a fun time playing against a naginata player. I am certainly looking forward to the next opportunity to play against naginata.

In the other jigeiko, I did further practice on uchiotoshi-men. Strenger Sensei pointed out that I was a bit hesitant and lack the confidence when I go for my men cut. He said I should just go for the cut and don't worry too much. Yes, I remembered Payne Sensei also said that we shouldn't do half-hearted cut. It must be a complete cut with zanshin. If we miss, just go for the next one, and the next one... Yes, I should get this complete cut idea into my head. Don't worry about anything. Just go for it!


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