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Friday, April 08, 2005

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Training With Purpose

I was craving to play kendo every day since the end of the Nationals. So far this week, I have been to 4 kendo training sessions in as many days... Monday at Master Kim's dojo, Tuesday in Hornsby, Wednesday in Willoughby and last night in UNSW. My family has been very supportive of me playing kendo, though I think it might be a bit too much for them this week. My dad was not very impressed with me going out to kendo every night. My mum thought that I must have another big competition coming up. For my older brother, he said I was abandoning my cutie tortoises and not playing enough with them. Aiyor...

The turnout to Wednesday night Willoughby training was impressive. It must have been the biggest Wednesday night turnout since I joined the club. The dojo was so packed that the beginners had to train outside the hall on the concrete playground area. I like having so many people training together. The atmosphere makes me feel excited and pumped up, which makes me play good kendo. However, Roland later told me that I was bouncing too much during jigeiko. Apparently, I bounced a lot when I become excited. I should make sure that I am still applying strong seme and played a controlled game of kendo when I get excited.

Roland reminded me the importance of goal-setting. I should have a big long-term goal that I am striving to achieve and set milestones between now and then. Before each training session, I must set myself a list of tasks I must achieve and it is important that I reviewed whether I have satisfied those tasks at the end of each training session.

The two major things I would like to work on now are:
  1. Body posture in my men / kote cuts.
  2. Become more natural in executing oji waza. I.e. suriage waza, kaeshi waza and nuki waza.


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