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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Sword, Body, Agility, Speed

Johnny, Anna, myself and four Korean kids attended the Wednesday night training session at Master Kim's dojo. Throughout the entire session, one person would carry out the waza practice on all six other motodachi in one go. So, there would be six kirikaeshi in one go, six kote-men in one go, etc etc...

The gist of this training method was to improve our agility and speed. Master Kim emphasised that we must try to turn quicky after each cut, so that we could go for the next cut, and the next cut, etc.

Back in Master Kim's university days, they used to practice this training routine with 40 students lining up, each person had to execute each waza 40 times up and 40 times down the line in one go. So for kirikaeshi, that would be a whopping 80 times in one go! That's (2 men cut + 7 sayu-men) x 80 = 720 cuts in one go.

At the end of the training session, Master Kim said there were four important elements in Kendo and they are: Sword, Body, Agility, Speed.

Some of the more interesting waza we practiced tonight were as follow:

  • men-kote. First you feint a men. When your opponent reacts and lifts the arm up to block the men, KOTE!!!!
  • Doh waza with left leading foot. The idea: Right foot steps forward first, then strikes the do at the same time as the left foot stamps on the group. So instead of the usual right foot as the leading foot, left foot is the leading foot in this instant. It is definitely a very powerful doh cut and makes it unpredictable for your opponent.


  • kote kaeshi men
  • kote suriage men
  • kote uchi-otoshi men


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