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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Counting Down to Hong Kong

I am so excited to receive the country entry list from Eda Chen, Hong Kong Kendo Association Secretary, to confirm team entries. From the list, it looks like this year Hong Kong Asian Kendo Tournament will be huge. Almost 300 participants from all over Asia will participate in this event.

In the two team events that I will be competing in, there are a total of 32 teams in the Dan Open event, while there are 15 teams in the 2nd Dan and below category.

It will be my first overseas kendo experience and I am absolutely excited about the prospect of playing against kendoka from other countries and see how well I will fare.

Only 23 more nights...

Team lists [Dan Open Team Total, 2nd Dan and Below Team Total]
Namiki Kenyukai (Japan) [1,0]
Osaka Ryokenkai (Japan) [2,0]
Kinyou kai (Japan) [1,0]
Shibuya Kenyuukai (Japan) [1,0]
Japan Airline (Japan) [3,0]
Hihaino Sato Shinbukai (Japan) [1,0]
Shigakukan University (Japan) [2,0]
Asia Kendo Club (Japan) [2,0]
New South Wales Kendo Association [1,2]
Shanghai Kendo Club [3,3]
Beijing Allied Kendo Team [3,3]
Singapore Kendo Club [3,3]
Macau [2,0]
Hong Kong [3,3]
Manila [1,1]
Chinese Taipei [1,0]
Thailand [2,0]


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