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Friday, January 28, 2005

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Amazing Will Power

Tonight I finally had a chance to sit down and watched a full match of the Australian Tennis Championships - Mens semi-finals between Andy Roddick (USA) and Lleyton Hewitt (AUS). The tennis was really high quality. Those astonishingly big serves from Roddick, my goodness, they were like missiles. Roddick fired aces after aces at more than 220kmh. The match was exploded with so much power and speed, it's like watching a supermen contest.

But tonight, I was bewildered by a different kind of power - the mental strength of the players, especially Hewitt. Hewitt pushed himself to the human physical limit, digging out balls after balls from behind the baseline cunningly angled by Roddick. Every time Roddick hit those powerful balls which seemed almost impossible for any human beings to return, Hewitt did it, and did it with much fighting spirit to force errors from the frustrated Roddick. In the end, Hewitt's amazing fighting spirit rewarded him a spot in the mens finals.

Although kendo and tennis share little similarities in terms of game rules and techniques, there are so much to learn from the mental aspects between the two sports. Hewitt is a good example for anyone who wants to excel in sports or life in general. No matter how tired his body is, Hewitt does not give up. In his mind, every ball are just as important to him as any other. Hewitt's action tonight fits perfectly into Payne sensei's favourite saying, 'treat every fight as the last fight in your life'. In every kendo session, I should always give everything I got. There is only one way to improve - keep trying and never give up.


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