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Friday, October 28, 2005

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Nittaidai Cooking Party

Cooking Party - 27/10
Gosh! I think I must have put on an extra 2 kilos after last night's cooking party. All the girls from 3rd year Kendo came to my homestay, and each of them brought a dish or two and cooked at the house. Now I found out that, not only do the Nittaidai girls excel in Kendo, they are also very good at cooking.

We had suki-yaki , okonomi-yaki with katsuo-boshi, vegetable & sausage soup, fried-chicken, a few type of pasta, self-invented 'Nittaidai' salad, kapa (similar to nikomi but without tofu) and 'Nittaidai' konyaku jelly and peach in fresh cream dessert.

Wooa, everyone ate so much last night, we had to hold our stomachs after the dinner or it would have exploded. The food was so delicious that it was irresistible to stop munching.

At the Cooking Party

Comments Received in the Past Few Days...

Extend both arms - I had a jigeiko with Watanabe yesterday. His comments after the jigeiko was that I need to fully extend both arms after finishing a men-cut.

One men-cut action - Okada Sensei observed that I was pulling my shinai up and thus exposing the kote momentarily, before launching men cut. I should extend my arms out so that the men-cut is in one smooth movement. The feeling should be like going for tsuki, and at the last minute, push the arms up to cut men.

Gyaku Doh - After executing the gyaku-doh by slashing the shinai across the opponent's body and stepping to the rear left, it is important to take a step in to close off the distance between the opponent so that the opponent won't have space to execute a men cut.

Seme & crisp cut - I could only grasp a part of Shinzato Sensei's comment to me after the jigeiko through her hand movements and from hearing the kendo keywords. I think she was trying to tell me to use more seme, and make sure I have an aim in landing a crispy cut on a specific target.

Photo taken after the training on Tuesday


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