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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

忍耐 + 掌握人生
10 Days

10 days.
That's the number of days left till the National Championships begins.

10 days.
That's when I will be showing my best ever kendo on the shiai-jo.

10 days.
I will be super-charged walking into the shiai-jo.

Keep my spirit up high, think positive, and tonnes of belief in myself - that I can do it.

Training in the past few weeks
Training routine has finally returned to normal - 3 to 4 trainings per week. I have been working on a number of things and I have put a simple list here to remind myself what I will need to work on tonight at training.

  • Improve the grasp of distance between me and my opponent.

  • Increase my repertoire of men & kote oji-waza.

  • Make those oji-waza a natural part of my jigeiko.

  • Suriage waza: slight wrist turn to deflect shinai. No need to move forearm.

  • Kote zanshin: no twirling to the side. Push in to shut down the distance.

  • Hiki-waza: rapid footwork. Good popping sound.

  • Left Leg: knee straight.

  • Men-utsu: Just extend both arms. No arm-lifting.

  • Kyoto Taikai / Jpn Golden Week
    Woohoo!!! The weekend and night overtime works finally pay off. I accumulated enough time-in-lieu to get leave approval to go to Kyoto during the Japan Golden Week. That's when the 7 and 8 Dan Grading will be held, when the Kyoto Taikai will be on.

    Best of all, I can meet my Kendo friends again.

    10, and then 13.


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