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Thursday, December 22, 2005

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Move Forward. Straight & Tall

When I arrived at the door of the dojo last night, Fukuda Sensei emerged from the dojo, yelling 'where is my wife? Where is my wife?'. haha, not sure what happened there, but it was pretty funny to be greeted at the dojo entrance like this. Well, to end the story quick, Fukuda Sensei found his wife in the adjacent park later on.

There were mainly beginners practicing kata when I walked into the dojo. For the first 30mins of the training session, I paired up with Toshio Nishimoto and practiced Kodachi #1, #2 & #3, and Fukuda Sensei would be watching and giving comments and advices in helping us to improve the kata movements.

From then on, Itakura Sensei led the class. The training routine for last night was Bukuto Kihon Kata for 15mins (Kihon #1 - #9), kihon suburi for 20mins and ashi-sabaki for 15mins. The remaining 15mins were for free jigeiko.

Kihon Suburi (20mins)
Similar to last Wednesday night training, we did tonnes of suburi.

  • Jogeburi (a few mins)

  • Nanameburi (a few mins)

  • Squatting suburi x 100

  • Lunging suburi x 50

  • Kihon-men suburi (a few mins)

  • Haya-suburi x 50

Ashi-sabaki (15mins)
We did a lot of suriashi practice, coupled with men, kote-men, and kote / men combo.

While I was doing the suriashi-men exercise, I realised that my left foot was 'flying' again. This problem was fixed after the training in Nittaidai. However, with my recent left ankle injury, my left foot couldn't push off as hard as I could before the injury, so the left leg was 'kicked back' or 'flying' mid-way through the cut.

From then on, I made a conscious effort to make sure that my left foot PUSHED off when doing tobikomi-men, and make sure the left foot stayed in contact with the ground as much as possible.

Jigeiko (Last 15mins)
Last night I had my second jigeiko with Fukuda Sensei since he arrived to Sydney on Monday (the first time was in Pyrmont on Monday). We had a high intensity jigeiko which made it very enjoyable for me to keiko with Sensei.

Fukuda Sensei announced a sanbon-shobu playoff, and he took the first point with a very straight and beautiful tomikomi-men. I equalised later on with a hiki-men (feinting hiki-doh). I noticed that my head wasn't tilting back when I executed the hiki-men, which was very pleasing.

The drum was banged, and the match had to end before we could score the final point.

I also had a few short jigeiko with Chris, Toshio, David Banbury (which I later found out that he got into full bogu for the first time), and Kai.

Zanshin: Debana-Kote
The jigeiko with Kai was illuminating. Kai got quite a few kote-nuki-men on me, and I realised that I was having problem with my follow-through and posture after the debana-kote. What I need to do after debana-kote are:

  • Move-in quick - Rush straight into the opponent to close off the distance, and prevent my opponent from being able to land a men cut on me.

  • Posture - Keep the body posture tall and straight.


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