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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

忍耐 + 掌握人生
World Cup here we come

I am absolutely ecstatic about the Socceroos win over Uruguay at the moment. As a team, the Socceroos prevailed to the end in the most admirable way. What an exciting way to finish. The final shoot-off was a breath-taking heartstopper. Mark Schwarzer, you are a champ! The heroic figure who saved two goals to take Australia to the 2006 World Cup Finals in Germany. Hooray!!!

Tonight's been a fantastic night for me. Not only because of the Socceroos win, but because my training is going great. I could feel my kendo improving and becoming stronger.

I attended the training session at Master Kim's dojo tonight. There were a total of 9 players training tonight - Yoshi and Taek were there, as well as 5 beginners.

The first half of the training was devoted to kihon. I love spending time on kihon. Especially now that I have got tonnes of advices on kihon, the kihon session is a great opportunity for me to play better and correct kendo.

My cuts were explosive tonight. The kihon swings were big, which Okada Sensei always asked from his Nittaidai students. My left leg was pushing my whole body forward (instead of jumping forward), which made my body travelled straight and forward faster. Additionally the large fumikomi step helped increased the power of my men-cut. Each perfect cut that landed on the motodachi tonight sent extra energy through my body to want to cut again. That feeling was absolutely exhilarating. I felt great.

In the last 30mins of the training, Master Kim, Yoshi, Taek and myself had jigeiko with each other. I concentrated on applying seme, making good decisive cuts and further improve my skills in tsubazerai situations. It's great that I can now confidently say that I have added one more thing to my tokui waza list, and I am so happy for that.

In my next training, I would like to work on the composure of my kamae, so that it won't waver when my opponent started to make a move.

I will endeavour to keep this good energy flowing... My body and my mind are feeling great!


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