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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Forward Attacking Momentum

There were a lot of people training tonight at Willoughby, quite a lot of them were beginners. We also had Fukuda-Sensei training with us last night. It's good to have him training with us again. The last time he was here was well over half a year ago.

Katsugi waza with forward momentum
During the jigeiko with Fukuda Sensei, I did a katsugi-waza (pulling shinai back to the left shoulder just before executing a cut) just to give my jigeiko a bit more *live*. Fukuda Sensei noticed that my momentum went backward when I pulled the shinai back to the left shoulder before moving forward for the men-cut. He then demonstrated to me that the whole katsugi waza should be executed with forward momentum, even when putting the shinai on the left shoulder. The left foot should be pushing forward while executing both the katsugi-waza and the men-cut. That way, there will be one big flowing movement instead of two separate jagged movements.


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