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Sunday, June 25, 2006

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Training with the Stars

I have been doing self-training at the local sporting ground at night for the past 2 weeks. My routine consists of jogging around the sport field and doing a lot of footwork practice. During Monday to Friday nights, I usually share the sporting ground with some soccer and rugby players who have their own training going on. Last night and tonight, however, I had the whole sporting ground to myself. There were no other people. And there were no light.

For the first part, I jogged for about 15-20mins. Then went on to do suri-ashi and ayumi-ashi up and down the rugby score-line. One lap fast suri-ashi. One lap slow suri-ashi. One lap ayumi-ashi. Repeating that sequence for 5 times. At the end of that exercise, my left calf had a good workout.

I have always known that my body wasn't very stable when I do fast suri-ashi footwork. So during all the ashi-sabaki practices, I put my hands above my hip to make sure that I have engaged the correct group of muscles to propel me forward, to keep my body stable. The hands gave great feedback to my quality of ashi-sabaki practice. Even the seemingly easy ayumi-ashi practice was a bit more demanding when I put more concentration on keeping my body posture correct.

I then grabbed my shinai and did some more ashi-sabaki practice along the rugby score-line - fast suri-ashi with striking movements, men-uchi, kote-uchi, men-uchi with lunging footwork.

Then in the last session, I did imagination training to practice my movements and reaction in shiai situations.

It was so nice to practice in such a serene, quiet and peaceful darkness under a beautiful clear night sky. During rest between sessions, I looked up the sky to watch the countless beautiful stars. I love star-gazing, especially in winter, as my favourite constellations - Scorpius, appears during this time of the year. I personally think that Scorpius got the most captivating shape amongst all the constellations in the sky.

Tonight, I saw a shooting star. It was so beautiful and enchanting that I forgot to make a wish before it disappeared from the horizon. That will just keep me going back to the park at night to train until I see another shooting star. Next time, I will remember to make a wish before it flies away.

52nd All Japan University Kendo Championships
16th October 2005
at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan

I have video-taped some matches from the 52nd All Japan University Championships while I was training at Nippon Sport Science University late last year. I thought the matches are beautiful and would like to share them with you. Below are the quarter-final 7-men team matches between two great kendo university rivals - Nittadai and Budai.

Quarter-Final 7-Men Team Matches
Nippon Sport Science University (white) v International Budo University (red)

3rd Match - SAKAI Senshu (white) from Nittaidai

Fukusho Match - SHINO Senshu (white) from Nittaidai in Jodan

Taisho Match - WADA Kazunori Senshu (white) from Nittaidai


  • they were some great matches to watch the jodan match gives me some ideas to use against kirby(hehe)and also who won that pool.
    anyway great matchs cheers for posting them for us all to see.

    By Anonymous Ace, at Monday, June 26, 2006 3:02:00 PM  

  • Great to hear that you find the matches enjoyable to watch.

    Shinno senshu, the jodan player, was the captain of the Nittaidai team last year. He has just graduated.

    Wada Kazunori senshu (the taisho) is now in its final year at Nittaidai and he is the current captain now.

    Nittaidai won that quarter-final team matches, and eventually came 3rd in the Championships.

    By Blogger Vivian Yung, at Monday, June 26, 2006 4:22:00 PM  

  • cheers for the info
    i would say good luck for the weekend but i know you have done the training and luck will have nothing to do with you getting on the team,
    and iam looking forward to you posting the team slection and weekend notes(hopefully)
    Cheers Anthony

    By Anonymous Ace, at Tuesday, June 27, 2006 4:19:00 PM  

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