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Sunday, August 13, 2006

忍耐 + 掌握人生
It's All About Skill Refinement Now

After the Founders Cup last weekend, I have trained twice - Thursday at UNSW and Saturday in Willoughby.

UNSW Training on Thursday
I arrived just after the warm-up session, and so I joined straight into the waza session after doing some self stretching and warm-up exercises.

Kirby led the training tonight. We started off with kirikaeshi, followed by seme-men and seme-kote with special emphasis on the follow-through zanshin. Afterwards, we practiced continuous men-hiki-men. I realise that I was having some troubles cutting right on top of the men as the left wrist cast was restricting my wrist ulnar flexion movement. I hope, however, that this is only temporary, and once I take the cast off in a few weeks time, I will be able to strike hiki-men with the correct shinai angle, right on top of the men.

After the waza session, we had kakari-geiko session with Sano sensei and Kirby as motodachi. I have a total of 3 kakari-geiko - 2 with Kirby and 1 with Sano sensei. I like this session a lot, as it makes me feel so pumped up and excited in the process.

In the last 15 minutes, we had free jigeiko. I fought Kirby, who was practicing in chudan, and Jackson for ippon shobu to finish off the training.

Willoughby on Saturday
We had two visitors on Saturday morning Willoughby training - Kuniko Takahashi, 4th Dan from Tokyo, and Sang-Hee Ro (otherwise known as Rainmaker on the KW Forum), 1st Dan from the Gulf Coast, U.S.

We had group stretching, warm-up and footwork exercises as usual. In the waza session, we had Sano sensei, Itakura sensei, Takahashi-san, Doug, Mark and Taek as Motodachi, with 5-6 people queuing up for each motodachi. We did kirikaeshi, kote-men-do, men-hiki-men, uchikomki geiko and seme-men to finish off before going into the jigeiko session.

Uchikomi geiko with Taek was great. My cuts were flowing and the men-taitari-hiki-men was strong. Taek is a really good motodachi. He was rock-solid when I did taitari, didn't move back even a tiny bit. So I was able to do my best men-taitari-hiki-men on him.

From 11am onwards, we had short jigeiko rotation for 30mins. From 11:30am onwards, it was free jigeiko of unlimited duration. I had jigeiko with Sano sensei, Itakura sensei and Kuniko during the supposedly 1 minute jigeiko session. My one-minute session was so exact while others seemed to have much longer session. The duration was controlled by Doug as he banged the taiko to signal rotation. So basically, the duration really depended on how much the other person in Doug's line could entertain Doug while it was your turn to have jigeiko with another motodachi.

In the free jigeiko session, I had keiko with Mark Stone and Taek Yang, and I felt I performed quite well in both keiko.

At the end of the training, I went up to Sano sensei to thank for the training and ask for comments. He asked me if I am doing a fitness regimen at the moment. I replied that I am going to the gym every weekday before work. He said that this is good and I should keep doing what I am doing now. From now to December, I should not worry about changing my kendo. If I take on any new skills to add to my kendo repertoire, it would be a bonus. But now, it is more important to keep practicing the way I have been practicing. Refining the skills to get ready for the World Championships.

After training, 14 of us went to Black Cow for lunch. Later, Jackson and I decided to go to Fitness First for gym workout. Yoshiki happened to be with us, so we asked Yoshiki if he would like to come along too. So we borrowed Andrew Tan's platinum pass for Yoshiki and off we went for the afternoon gym session.

Saturday Afternoon Gym Session
First, I had to drive Jackson and Yoshiki to my house first to pick up my gym stuff. Then we drove to Jackson's mansion to pick up his stuff, and finally we stopped by the Warringah Mall to buy a pair of shoes, socks and shirt for Yoshiki. While Yoshiki was trying on his Converse shoes in FootLocker, Jackson and I walked around the store and browse for clothes. I was browsing and browsing and came across this Turkey t-shirt. "Hey Jackon. Look! This T-shirt is for you. Big Turkey." Jackson is a Big Turkey. Don't ask why. Anyhow, we decided to buy a Turkey t-shirt each and will wear it together one day.

So finally, at 5pm, we arrived to the Dee Why Fitness First. We started off with cardio workout. Jackson and Yoshiki went on the bike, and I went on the treadmill. Initially I was planning to do a 10mins jog. However, I felt so genki that afternoon, I just kept running and running. Eventually I ran 7kms in 30mins. I thought I should move on to other exercises, and so I jumped off the treadmill to join Jackson and Yoshiki in the weight area.

I did some shoulder, back and abs exercises first. And then joined Jackson and Yoshiki in the chin-up area. They seemed to be having a lot of fun around the chin-up machine, and so each of us did a few reps of chin-ups. Yoshiki was very good at it. It was funny watching Jackson doing it as he was just so tall and big. He was almost touching the floor hanging on the chin-up bar.

We called it a day at 6:45pm.


  • hi vivian, sounds like you've resumed back to regular training after your wrist injury. Is it recovered now?

    By Blogger Ivan, at Friday, August 18, 2006 2:28:00 AM  

  • Thanks for your message Ivan. Yes, I have resumed regular dojo training a week after the AUS team selection trial. I am still wearing a cast during training but it is more for supporting the weaker left wrist (where muscles have been wasted during immobilisation in recovery) until the left hand muscles built up again.

    I feel strong now.

    By Blogger Vivian Yung, at Saturday, August 19, 2006 10:18:00 PM  

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