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Thursday, April 21, 2005

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Instigate Seme and Pre-empt Attack

I was mentally prepared for the 500 Hayasuburi at UNSW tonight. Yes, mentally. Not sure about physically. Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, Kirby decided that we should do 100 big and correct Hayasuburi instead of the hundreds of crazy swings of the arms and stick in the air. =P

Tonight's routine was kirikaeshi along the length of the dojo, seme-men, men-taitari-men, seme-kote, kote-nuki-men, men-debana-kote, then jigeiko.

Kirby emphasised the distance and the footwork in kote-nuki-men. Because the opponent executing kote had closed in the distance, there was no need to take a big step. A good fumikomi on the same spot will be enough to execute nuki-men.

Fukuda Sensei also observed our nuki-men and de-kote. During the nuki-men session, he pulled me over to show the two ways of executing nuki-men cuts - cutting men in forward motion; and hiki-men style of nuki-men. I guess he was trying to tell me that I should try to practice not just the forward motion nuki-men, but both types of nuki-men.

Fukuda Sensei also gave some really good advice on how to execute good debana-kote. He said we should not wait for the opponent to launch a men-cut before we react. What we should try to do is to apply seme, giving the opponent no choice but to strike men, then at the moment we can cut kote. So in debana kote, it is important to apply good seme and pre-empt your opponent's attack.

I was fortunate to practice with Fukuda Sensei during the jigeiko session. Fukuda Sensei's seme was really strong. It was really hard for me to break his centre. Every time I executed uchiotoshi, by the time I followed that up with men-cut, his shinai would already be back into the centre. So I kept running in to his shinai. Would that be because my uchiotoshi was not powerful enough? Or would it be due to too large a movement in my kensen? I am not too sure, but I will need to find out why.

I also played Sano Sensei during the free jigeiko. Sano Sensei 's men cut was really strong. I think we had numerous aiuchi men during the jigeiko, but I missed most of them while Sano Sensei popped most of them. I realised after the jigeiko that I was trying to dodge Sano Sensei's cut during the aiuchi-men and so my body was leaning to one side. Aiyor... I shouldn't worry about being cut during jigeiko. Okay Saturday, I will try again.


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