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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Kendo Training in Taipei

The Australian Team had two afternoon kendo training session at a local community centre in the past two days.

I felt okay after the first training session if a bit puffed-out. Hayami, the ladies team captain, told me that I may have been too tense. So maybe I should try relaxing a little in today's training.

And I did, I actually enjoy the training today, and I was fired up in the last two shiai-keiko. Yeah, I am really ready to rock and roll on the big day.

Last night, some of the Australian Team went to Shi Lin Night Market - the oldest and largest night market in Taipei. The place is absolutely a shopping heaven. Everything, from food to clothing apparels, is so cheap. Hayami also got her foot massage there too.

On the way to the Night Market, the taxi went pass the C.K.S. Memorial Hall and the Grand Hotel. I gotta tell you, those two places look really awesome. The grandeur exudes from the architecture just instantly captures all your attention.

This morning after the morning exercise and breakfast sessions with the team, I had a bit of free time. So I went to the competition venue - the Taipei University Sports Centre, and watched the shinpan seminar there. While I was watching, Shinzato Chikano - Nittaidai ladies assistant coach came over to me. I was so happy to see her again. She was there as a shiai-sha for the shinpan seminar. Apparently, each shiai-sha there has to take turn to play 6 shiai for the shinpan seminar. I saw one of Shinzato's match and she won it by a beautiful debana-kote during encho.

Team photo at the first training in Taipei

The boy band - Lead singer: Brett. Other members: Yuji, Ka-bi, Stuart (The Australian Team was actually doing morning exercise. But it was raining today, and so the guys did the stretching exercise underneath the fighter jet, which was in the same area we do our morning exercise)


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