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Saturday, April 23, 2005

忍耐 + 掌握人生
Craving For More Kendo

I trained an unprecedented six times this week. I went to two training sessions today alone. It was absolutely great to see my friends, train hard together and then have a bit of fun and relax after training.

Although there were slightly less people than the previous Saturday Willoughby training, we still managed to fill 3 full lines during warm-up sessions. I think there must have been around 35 members turned up to train today.

I played Sano Sensei, Yoshi, Mike, Gideon and Yoshiki during the jigeiko session. Today's jigeiko with Mike would be the last in many months to come as he will fly to Tokyo on Monday to train with Nittai Dai for the next 3 months. I made sure I played my best to give Mike a good farewell jigeiko. We played sanpon shobu. I scored the first point on kote, while Mike took the match with his signature quick and efficient men cuts.

Position of the forearms
In today's jigeiko, I remembered what Fukuda Sensei told me about my kamae on Thursday night UNSW training. Apparently, I pushed my hands forward too much in chudan no kamae just before I was about to attack. He said I should not push my hands forward too much, so that I won't give away hints to my opponent about my pending attack. So I focused on the position of my hands and forearms and made sure they weren't lifted too high or pushed out too much.

In between jigeiko, I watched Takeshi played against Fukuda Sensei. I was absoutely exilarating to watch. Takeshi's speed notched up several gears and scored some lightning and decisively powerful men cuts on Fukuda Sensei. Takeshi's movements were super agile. His successive attacks were carried out in super lightning speed. That requires a good and strong use of the wrist to be able to execute one cut after the other so quickly and powerfully.

After training, several people went to 'Black Cow' for lunch. It was actually during lunch that I found out USyd would have training in the afternoon. Fortunately, my dad allowed me to take the car for the rest of afternoon, so I was able to go to USyd today. =D

The turnout in the USyd training really surprised me. I didn't expect that many people turn up in a club that started in less than 6 months ago. I had to say John Hsu had done a mighty good job in bringing the USyd club to the current state. I was amazed by how quickly this club has grown in size.

After the warm-up and suburi session, the class was separate into those in bogu and those without. Takeshi led the bogu class. Yoshiki, Dino, Jackson, Sussan and I along with five USyd players, including Paul, practiced various kihon, seme and nidan waza as well as debana kote and kote-kaeshi-do. At the last 20 minutes, we had jigeiko and I had a chance to play with Paul, Yoshiki (for the 2nd time today) and Jackson. It was really great to do jigeiko and I wish there were a bit more time to play other USyd members.

Debana-kote: cut when arm is rising
Takeshi pointed out that I waited a bit too long in my debana kote. Debana kote should be executed when the opponent's forearm is in a rising phase, not the coming-down phase. I think this links back to Fukuda Sensei's comment about instigating seme and pre-empting opponent's attack, so that I can cut as soon as my opponent launches an attack.


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